Thursday, May 18, 2017

What I See

The first three photos in today's post were gathered TODAY from the internet.  They are beautiful!
Had I seen these in the past, I could say they may have inspired me to create a piece of work, but since I just saw them today....all I can say is they ARE an INSPIRATION!  Normally, I might SEE a tree or a house or a flower here on my own little bit of the planet that might possibly get me enthused about stitching a new design based upon those particular sights.  Sometimes, I just IMAGINE these things into existence.  So, I want to share these three with you and let you know what they made me think of today.

First, that beautiful pink tree!  OH, MY!  French Knots!  When I see blooming trees, I always want to embroider some French Knots into a little tree...set in some simple scene. 

Then, more trees!  This scene is quite beautiful too.  Years ago, while teaching a class, I said that trees in 'silhouette' - like these -  have convinced me that "trees are Nature's version of lace."  If you've ever driven down a country road just before dark, you have seen trees like this....yes, all lacy against the darkening sky.  More inspiration, for sure.

Look at what is left of this very old, old house!  I can imagine the stories that whirl in and out of it through the missing windows and doors.  I wish it could be saved.  It is beautiful to me.  (There is one not far from me...I've shown in on the blog before....fading away into oblivion.  I need to go photograph it again before it's gone.  I am inspired by these places to create tiny little houses made of applique and embroidery.  Mine is a poor version of such a sweet old place.  Just a memory, really, of a place I never actually experienced.  Maybe a quilter/embroiderer lived there, stitching her creations - not like I do...for pleasure, but to keep herself and the family warm.  I like to think of things like that.

So, those three photographs are inspiring, for sure, but what I create never looks anything like what inspires me to stitch.  It's funny how that works.  Then, too, I haven't the talent to stitch anything that looks realistic. There's that.  I guess I can stitch a 'reminder' of a real thing or place though.  And, I have to keep it simple as basic stitching is what I'm best at.

This little framed piece (2"x3") is one of my favorite pieces.  I could never let it go as it is one of the first tiny scenes I made.  Maybe someone will think enough of it to save it when I'm gone. 

Another scene.  A pincushion.  Just a tad over three inches square.  A friend said it would be difficult to actually stick a pin in it.  Seriously?  It's made of hundreds of stitches actually.  With a needle making each and every one.  How many holes would that be?  Maybe you can see I've got some heart pins sticking in the top.  They make me smile.

And, a close-up of that barn.  It's 4 1/2" x 6 1/2."  I made it...then the Old Navy Man said the barn  would never have power hooked up to it as it didn't have any power lines to supply it.  So, I felt obligated to stitch those...adding a tiny transformer!  He loved that.  And, of course, that made me happy.  (Sorry about the reflections on the glass!)

More trees, a tiny house.......wild flowers.  Oh yes, "my soul is made of wildflowers."  That's a quote from an artist named Katie Daisy.    I agree, as I think mine is too.  This piece was made way before I'd ever heard of Katie's work....but it would have inspired me had I seen it then.  You can see her work at

This piece consists of a painted canvas with a piece of painted and embroidered quilt batting added on top.  I loved making it.   (Do you see the swing in the tree?)


I've made several bird pincushions......about six inches square.  All with beaded edgings.  Sold all of them.  Maybe one day I'll make myself one....???  This bird is about 1 1/2" long.

This one is tiny too...but the whole pincushion is only six or so inches, so it's all small.  FUN, but hard work too.  I think I like tedious work to be honest.  (Those eggs are tiny beads.)

Lastly, more birds.  I painted the fabric, then embroidered the birds, etc.  

So...did any of this make sense?  Inspired by the photos of others seen on the Internet, by scenes from my daily life, or scenes as "Anne of Green Gables" might say..."within the scope of my imagination," I am hoping to create again in the near future.  I've been in a slump, but working my way out of it.  I'll be spending some time with some of my favorite 'peeps' in the next few weeks, but hope to return sometime in June with a thing to two to talk about.

Do take care out there!

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Bird's Nest Among Coin Purses

Last week, my friend Sherry called and during our conversation, she mentioned that she had seen a bird's nest inside a coin purse online.  Of course, that fascinated me...#1, I have bird nests here, and
#2, I have a small collection of vintage coin purses.  It took me five minutes to put my hands on both and you see the results here.  Very sweet, isn't it?


Here in the close-up, you can see just how little this nest is.  And, you can read that it came from Country Club Road.  That is where my daughter lives and one beautiful day,  I found THIS nest in her yard while walking my grand dog, Trixie.  (I try to remember to add a little paper tag with the name of the street where the nest was found...when I find a nest.)  And, this one just fit in this vintage coin purse.  

Here is my little collection of vintage coin purses.  Some are in better condition that others, but I like them all.  They are getting harder for me to find, so I've pretty much quit looking, but on occasion, one will just jump out in front of me.  That's how I found those two tiny ones in front.  I found the petit point one years ago....and  the TINY one, I found recently.  It is so DEAR!!!  And, VERY old.

 You can see it here opened as wide as it will go!!!

I decided to put a quarter up next to it, so you can tell how small these are. 

This very tiny purse is so small, that the quarter barely fits  halfway into it.  How in the world did they attach that purse hardware to the fabric??

 Adorable, aren't they?

Vintage coin purses, real bird nests, two of my favorite things.
Hope you enjoyed seeing them!

until next time

Monday, February 27, 2017


It happened several years ago, (I'm guessing around ten of them), the 'old navy man' came home from work with a package.  He said he had stopped for lunch in one of the little towns he used to go through to get to his job.  He knew every little town (and it's substations) in the northern half of Arkansas.  Being a substation repairman for Entergy, he drove all over the place.  In the heat of summer and sometimes the ice of he'd go early each morning and arrive home late in the evening.  That day, after stopping for a quick lunch, he decided to take a few minutes to run into a little flea market nearby.  He wanted to bring me something. 

That was Mr. Eaton....always thinking of someone else.  So, this is the box he brought home.  A vintage button box filled with lots of buttons...some old, some not so old.  All beautiful to me!
It's heavy for it's size and filled with many, many buttons.  I immediately dumped the contents on the table to take a look.  What fun that was!   He was pleased I liked the gift. I have never removed a button from this box and each time I open it, I remember that day.  It has become even more special over time.

Earlier today when I decided I was going to post the box and it's contents, I thought it only fitting to pour them out and push the buttons into a heart shape.  (That was FUN!)  He would have given me a great big smile!



 Some close-ups.

Something cheery on a winter's day!  And, also a lovely memory.

I'm spending part of each day, now, finding things around the house that hold memories and yet inspire me to make new things too.  You can think of many new things to make when you look at the old things you have collected over time.  As 'they' say..."everything old is new again."

This box of buttons is a special treasure from a very special person.  

I hope you might feel inspired also.

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time

Monday, February 20, 2017

Four Birds: A Recent Gift

"Everyone likes birds.  What wild creature is more accessible to our eyes and ears, as close to us and everyone in the world, as universal as a bird?"

David Attenborough

Recently, I was given this bell pull as a gift.  My friend, Kathy, a flea market owner, found it and presented it to me.  I love it goes the saying - "I'm over the moon about it."  It came from an old house in a south Arkansas town....the house has a woman named 'birdie' in it's history.  I also picked up some old photos, papers and such from that old house.  How wonderful is it that I,  "Bird Nest on the Ground" person....have received such a gift!!!   THANK YOU, Kathy, for thinking of me!

 What is so wonderful to me about these birds is that they are done in petit point.  Look closely at them...such tiny stitches!  And, I love the colors!

 Just adorable!!!

In that first photo you will also see a very old mirror....I thought you might want to see what's in the top part of know I just love sentimental says: 
"From Your Son in the Service."
Just dear!   

Hope you enjoyed the birds!  BTW, if you live in this area, you can visit Kathy and her husband, Morgan, at

115 West Idaho St.
Beebe, Arkansas 72012

You just never know what you might find there!

until next time

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


"Who, being loved, is poor?"
Oscar Wilde 

"Nobody has ever measured, even poets. how much a heart can hold."
Zelda Fitzgerald

"My whole heart for my whole life."'
a French saying

Bird Nest Cottage
until next time


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tyler and Some Bears

This afternoon, I was 'fluffing up' some teddy bears...there are several here and there in my house.
I've had bears here since my kids were little...after all, who can resist a teddy bear?  They made me think of a photo I have of my grandson taken...well, many years ago now....but what a great photo.  Here he is....with a great big bear!  Both are adorable.  Tyler was eight in this photo...taken in Eureka Springs on a family trip.  We all loved that big old bear....I'm sure he was just sitting there waiting for a kid to come along to keep him company.    Someone had tried to put a shirt on him, but didn't get very far.  That made Tyler laugh.  One of the fun memories!!  Tyler is THIRTY-ONE now.  I wonder if he remembers this?  (I'm going to send this photo to him and find out.)

These are the bears I was fluffing up today.  A very cute assortment.  Look at their faces....just like us, each one has his/her own facial expressions.  The two on the left, of all things, belonged to my mother and they have really cute old fashioned dresses on, part of the reason they came to live with me.

 Seriously, do you see different expressions?

 As I said, these two were my mothers.   The smaller one definitely has a different expression....might be my favorite.  Let me just say, I recognize that mood there.

 I think they are cute...and it's good to fluff a teddy bear once in a while!!!

Bird Nest Cottage 
until  next time

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